Be a reason for someone's smile.


Be together as a family.


Be supportive as a team.

About Us

BRIDGE in itself shows us a meaningful purpose to ONE'S LIFE.
That means a person can easily clear the way path between the two gaps with the help of a Bridge.
This is what we are! BRIDGE – The Strongest way to Support – We Build Bridge between the natures of life
One life is fulfilled of everything______________One life is not even filled with the necessary things
It's a life difference between NEEDS and WANTS
We cover up all the basic needs to a common life which is necessary to live and function.
The wonderful purpose of forming BRIDGE a non-profit organization with the strong foundation from the founder, Co-founder and the trustees with the help of our great advisory team to make sure not to leave any opportunities to help the needy and make them to live their life with the fulfillment of education, food and medicinal support.
We connect the two ends of life and build a supporting bridge from Rich people to Poor people.
BRIDGE Foundation's focusing areas are:
Food Basic needs Poor children Born Unhealthy children
Educations Women empowerment Old age people care Disabled people
Diseased People Blood Donation Medicinal Support Health and Fitness Camps
Awareness Programs Environmental Programs Protecting Animals Disaster Management NGOs Networking
This is NOT THE END. Bridge on the other hand also train the needy with the skills to earn by them to run their normal life smoothly without even needing to beg for others support.
And the main thing to understand BRIDGE is we are not a specific religious or a community based service organization. It is founded for all who requires economic, social and moral support for their life.